Aug 22, 2011

Tips keep data safe from viruses

Saving data is an activity that must and should be done by computer users. Typically data is stored on a hard drive such as hard disks, floppy disks, flashdisk etc.. But what if the data stored was attacked by a virus? This is a big problem.

Currently the development of virus became increasingly. But we also must respond intelligently. One is by using an antivirus. But the weakness of this antivirus is sometimes attacked by a virus that data can not be saved. Therefore, here are some tips on how to store data to be safe from viruses. And I think these tips are very suitable for storage on the flash.

First. Compres data we want to save to flash using winzip or winrar. Because the virus can not infect the files contained in the *. zip file.

Second. Keep the data (especially for a set) you with format *. txt, the way is to go into notepad, then input the results of typing and save. The virus could not infect files with *. txt format

Third, store the data in html format, the way is by clicking save as a document, and change its file type to html.

That's a little tips on how to safely store data from virus attacks. May be useful.

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