Aug 7, 2011

Download and Save All Documents With Google takeout service

Currently in Google you can store photos, you can create and store documents, phone numbers, emails, profiles, passwords, etc.. but that you also can easily list the type of data stored on Google, retrieve and back up large amounts of data. Thanks to this new service you will now be able to back up your data backup and download all your data in a few seconds!
follow these steps to store all your data2:

     1. Go to Google takeout service. Log in to the service using your Google username and password.
     2. Google takeout will automatically open a web page listing of those services where you have saved data and documents. If you want to remove some services, simply click the Select Service and to remove unwanted services.
     3. Click the red Create Archive button to start downloading everything you have stored on Google!
     4. Finish!

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