Aug 20, 2011

How to Display Operations Math Equation Tools in Microsoft Word 2007

For you fans of math course is obligatory to know how to display the equation tools that will help you type the symbol of a variety of mathematical operations in Microsoft Word 2007. Likewise, for students who are working on thesis and final project or students who are working on a math assignment from school. To write a mathematical formula would be difficult without the help of Equation tools. Tools congenital Microsoft word is indeed powerful supporting the development of mathematical formulas.

    1. On the menu select Insert Microsoft Word 2007
    2. Find the equation menu (by default usually in the upper right corner)
    3. Click to operate

To create a shortcut equation tools:

    1. Open Microsoft Word 2007 menu button on the top left corner
    2. Select Word Options
    3. select customize
    4. Click on choose a command from the command popular
    5. Find the Equation Tools | Design tab and then click 1 time
    6. Then click 2 times Equation Tools
    7. Click OK and look at the top left corner of your window in Microsoft Word 2007 will show a mark-shaped symbol phi
    8. Choose a variety of forms with the click of the shortcut formula phi is

So this tips Display Operations Math Equation Tools in Microsoft Word 2007 may help you.

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