Dec 2, 2011

VideoToolBox: Free Online Video Editor

VideoToolBox is a free online video editing software that helps you to edit videos and convert them to different formats online. You can use the advanced online free video editor to process the video files and convert them into other formats. . You also can organize all your videos with this software. One of the best features of this free online video editor is that it has a built in file manager, with this you can upload lots of video and download it.
To use VideoToolBox you just need to go to the website and fill out the registration. You will then be able to use advanced online free video editor to edit the video with added subtitles, audio, or splitting. You can also trim video, add watermark, and even merge videos together.
 * Analysis of Files: After you download a video or upload one to the program it will analyze the file. This analysis will give you the bit and frame rate, codec, and resolution of the file. Once you have knowledge of the type of video you are dealing with then you can make the changes you need to adapt it to your programs and where you would like to post it.
    * Variety of Converting Choices: Converting videos is important depending on where you want to post them or who you want to send them to. You will be able to convert any file to AMV, FLV, MOV, M4V, and many other popular formats. You can use this software to make your files compatible with certain programs online such as Facebook and share them with your friends.
    * Adjustable: You can adjust different qualities of the files you are uploading and downloading. You can use advanced mode and set the codecs for the video and audio, the resolution, the bit rate, the sample rate, and channels. It is a good feeling to be able to edit your own files, and not having to pay someone else to do it.
    * Merging and Editing: This program will allow you to merge together more than one file to create a single track with several videos. The program will allow you to crop, dub over, and edit your films the way you see fit. You can add a watermark into your video which is helpful when you want to flash a website or some information during a video.

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