Dec 3, 2011

FeedDemon, RSS Reader Solution

If you want to get the latest news and information with ease, you can use the RSS reader program. So, you do not need to visit many sites just to get news and information you need. If your computer running the Windows operating system, you can use FeedDemon. FeedDemon RSS reader program helps you to synchronize your Google Reader with ease. So, you can always get the latest information wherever you are. FeedDemon also provide Sharing feature. With this feature, you can easily tell your favorite articles to your friends so they too can subscribe and get his feed.

By using FeedDemon, you can do the tagging. To be able to classify and search for articles that you have read with ease, you can mark these articles with your own keywords. You can also ask FeedDemon to notify you when your keywords appear earlier in a feed, whether it feeds that you subscribe or not. FeedDemon does not just help you to get the latest news and information only. FeedDemon also provides features Podcasts. With this feature, you can download audio files automatically to your iPod or other device.

You can download FeedDemon 4, which is the latest version of FeedDemon, the official website of its If you are still confused by the use FeedDemon program, you can read FeedDemon Frequently Asked Questions on the site. If you can not find an answer to your question there, you can also find lots of information about the FeedDemon FeedDemon Support Group you can visit in

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