Sep 10, 2011

How to Connect Skype To Facebook

Last week Skype released the latest software version - 5.0. This new program is more stable, shorter, and has a navigation system that has been repaired. It also introduces a new feature called "Group Video Calling," where you can make a video call to two or more  people. but, what makes this update is better to do with the evolving world of online social media.

This version now allows users to connect their Facebook accounts with Skype itself. Users can also make calls and send SMS messages to their friends, provided that the recipient has inputted a valid phone number or to his Facebook profile. This way, if your friends have put something on her wall, you can directly call or send him a message. If you are a Skype user please update to latest version. You can do this by accessing the Help menu.

Next, click Check for Updates and follow the next procedure. This process will automatically download the latest installer and install Skype.

You can also download the latest installer at and install it manually.

When Skype is updated, and click the View
click Facebook Updates ..
Next, click the See News Feed in Skype.
Log into your Facebook account by entering the registered email address and password. Then, press Enter or press the Login button.

Facebook will ask you to confirm your action. Click Allow to continue.

Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, loading the News Feed will take about 10 seconds

When the successful integration of Skype, you will see a window similar to the one below.

With this display, you can post messages to the wall. You can also see different news feeds from friends you can. On the right side of each post, you are allowed to send SMS messages and make phone calls.

The plus sign allows you to add your Facebook friends as one of your contacts in Skype.

You can make free Skype calls.

You can also make a landline call ..

With this tool, you can create and post a comment.

To read the latest news feeds from your Facebook network, click Refresh. You can disable this tool at any time by pressing the Disable News Feed.

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