Aug 6, 2011

How To Video Chat On Facebook

In addition we can add emoticons when chatting, facebook is now also able to do video chats. One way to do video chatting on Facebook with your friends is the "social plus", the condition is any user who wants to video chat on facebook have to install the extension "Social Plus" to start a video chat.

Social Browser Plus is an extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari that allows you to enhance your Facebook profile by adding skins, backgrounds, emoticons, status updates, colorful, not like the buttons and more. To download this social plus I've provided the link at the end of this post.

Also supports keyboard navigation, slideshow album and when you do not like the status update, it automatically adds "I dislike!" Text in the comment box, so you could I dislike! by pressing the enter key to post comments.

After you install the extension of Social Plus, you restart the browser if you are a Firefox user, if you penguna Chrome or Safari you can just refresh your facebook page.

for Firefox please download here: Download Social Plus
for Google Crome please download here: Download Social Plus
for Safari 5 please download here: Download Social Plus

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