Aug 5, 2011

AKShell - Learning And Publish Script JavaScript-Based online Apps

If you're going to start a project JavaScript, it would be better to use a web service rather than installing AkShell of web development. It provides server-side development and hosting, with an online IDE designed specifically for applications based JS code and scripts.

You only need to provide code and AkShell will handle the rest. It uses the open source PostgreSQL that allows to interpret almost all SQL constructs, so the database management of Java-based project work of your script will be easy and free of conflicts of certain databases. Git integrated console to make code management easier for users. In addition, users can also collaborate with one another at GitHub to take advice and exchange of modules of code to speed up the development process.

Along with starting a new project, you can also import files into the code editor AkShell to change them. To get started, visit AkShell to open the editor. Editor IDE user interface emulates the other, with the navigation bar to browse the code file and the main window to edit the file is opened. The left side offers two sections to see and open files in the current workspace and explore the library, the environment, and other code files respectively.

The main toolbar lets you switch between different modes. To edit the file, make sure the Edit option is enabled. Simultaneously Edit, Eval and Commit option is available to evaluate and compile the code. Git Git clicking will open the console to execute commands. If you want to open a code file from the local site, click File on the menu bar followed by the Upload File to determine the location of the file.

Once the application is coded Java Script, you can publish from the App menu. Before publishing the application, check the live preview of the application server developed or script by clicking Preview in the main toolbar. AKShell online editor useful for web application JavaScript code.

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