Jul 23, 2011

How to Install Windows XP Within 10-15 Minutes

These tips will be helpful for those of you who frequently install Windows XP operating system. Usually the OS installation takes approximately 40 minutes to complete, but now through this trick you can now install the OS Windows XP in just 10-15 minutes. Follow these steps:

1. Boot with the Windows XP CD.

2. After all files are loading, you get the option to select the partition. Select the "c".

3. Now format the partition, NTFS or FAT format depending on your selection.

4. After formatting is complete, all the setup files needed for installation are copied. Restart your system by pressing Enter.

Now, here in the beginning the trick.

5. After rebooting, you get a screen where it takes 40 minutes to complete the OS installation.

6. Now, Press SHIFT + F10 Key -> this opens a command prompt command.

7. Enter "taskmgr" at the command prompt window. This will open the Task Manager.

8. Click the "process" tab, here we find a process called Setup.exe -> right click on the Setup.exe -> choose Set Priority -> Select High or Above Normal. .

now you just see how fast the installation by using this trick.

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