Aug 26, 2011

3 Best Free Software Online Converter

Converting between media is not always easy and you need a special media converters to convert from one file format into another format.

In this article I will discuss three best converter software which allows you to convert media or file online and all for free.

This is the 3rd Best Free Software Online Conversion and easy to use and provides you with various conversion options.

Convert Your It

Convert It is your online converter to your documents, pictures, video files, audio files into various file formats.

If you want to convert a file you have to follow a few simple steps and a link to your converted files will be sent via email to the email address you chose when you convert. The file will be deleted after 7 days.

To start the conversion follow these steps:

    * Select the type of file to be converted from the displayed links (Documents, Audio, Video etc).
    * Enter the email address you want to receive the download link to.
    * Browse and select the files to be converted.
    * Click on the Convert button and you will be taken to the conversion process.

if the process is complete you will be emailed a download link to your email address.

Zamzar Beta

Zamzar is another online media converter that allows you to convert different media formats. You can convert your documents, music, video, images and also convert archive files.

So, if you have received a RAR file but do not have the software to view them you can engkonversi to a 7-zip or zip format and view it with WinZip or 7 zip.

To convert a file using Zamzar follow these steps:

    * Select the file you want to convert (the file size limit: 100 MB)
    * Select the format you wish to convert.
    * Enter your email address

With Zamzar You can select more than one file to be converted. There are restrictions on some file conversion so that all the files to be converted must have the same extension and can only be converted into a single format. but Zamzar is an excellent choice for batch conversion.

Link the converted file will be sent via email. The converted files will only be stored for 1 day on their servers so you have to download before it is removed.

Media Converter

Media converter allows you to convert audio files, video files and Office documents. Additionally you can also convert video files to your phone. interest from the media converter is extracting audio from video files.

To convert files using a media converter following steps;

    * Select a file to upload. (Limit file size: 100 MB)
    * Select the type of file you want converted.
    * Select the additional options. (Optional)
    * The file will be converted and you will be given a link to download the converted file.

Due to instant conversion you should immediately download the file.

There are a few of the best options available to convert files online. if anyone knows other than those I mentioned above, please comment below. okay?

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