Jul 25, 2011

How To Download Anything From Internet With One Software / Applications

software that allows you to download everything from anywhere. Beautiful, is not it? Well, believe it or not, but I've managed to find it ... for you!

  "JDownloader is open source, platform independent equipped with java. This software is able to simplify downloading files from One-Click-hosters like Rapidshare.com Megaupload.com or - not only for users with a premium account but also for free users" This also lets you download multiple files at a time. with the final choice to extract or unzip them automatically. Other features include:
  You can download files from encrypted link.
  Support for hundreds of hosting services and video / music sharing sites.
  Support for all operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac ...
  Take scheduling.
  Download with multiple connections.
  Decrypt RSDF, CCF and DLC Containerfiles.
   The ability to download Youtube, Vimeo, clipfish video and Mp3 Download
   Firefox integration that lets you download everything without leaving the browser Firefox.
   Open Source applications.

If you want to know more, or if you want to download an application, visit his official website here.

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